VSphere account password reset

This is for resetting the new administrator@vsphere.local account password in VMware 5.5:
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View Wireless Network Key in Windows 8.1

In Windows 7 you used to be able to view the network key in clear text for a particular wireless network the machine was already configured to use. In Windows 8.1 this feature has been removed from the GUI. In order to view it in Windows 8.1 follow these steps:
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If you need to clone a system, put down that copy of Ghost!

Microsoft has been providing a free disk imaging utility since Windows XP.  It’s called ImageX.  ImageX is a command line utility that comes packaged with the Windows Automated Installation Kit otherwise known as AIK. 
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CISCO ASA masks certain passwords...

The CISCO ASA masks certain passwords in the configuration when using the ‘show configuration’ or ‘show run’ command. Please note that this is different than encrypted passwords.
Example (show run):
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