ZLan Partners is a leading Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, delivering core infrastructure consulting; deployment; health checks; onsite and remote support helping you maximize the capabilities of each product.

Our expertise from Enterprise to Small/Medium-sized businesses enables us to educate, train and implement appropriate solutions, while leveraging our Project Management and System Deployment methodologies.

Let us provide you the answer to your next IT Project through any of the following methods:

Planning and Budgeting

Custom Design and Design Validation

Deployment and Implementation

Integration and Migration

Support and Troubleshooting Analysis

Onsite and Remote Support

Project Management

And more!

Our expert IT team have expertise in areas on infrastructure administration, support and incident management.

We listen to your pain points and collaborate with you to provide the best solutions to improve business processes through technology.

Private / Public Cloud Planning and Migration

Whether you are migrating to your own Private Cloud such as a colocation facility, or to one of the many public hosting infrastructures, ZLan can help guide you through the process, from selection and planning to implementation, monitoring and documentation.

VoIP Implementations

Phones systems, for the most part, are a joke anymore. Fortunately, the cloud has a dial tone…so use it! Whether you need high – quality desk phones, conference phones or cordless phones, ZLan can assist with a VoIP system recommendation and the implementation.

Server Implementations, Hosting and Virtualization

Combining Azure as a technology we can manage, as well as hosting your own virtualized network in house or in your own Private Cloud. We can build it all.

Clustering and Load Balancing

Clustering provides failover and increased availability of applications by combining servers into a ‘unit’ that provides redundancy in the event of system downtime. ZLan can analyze your environment or specific applications, providing recommendations or designing solutions to improve uptime, meet and exceed OLA/SLA or balance network and application requests. We can build a robust infrastructure within your office or your own Private Cloud facility.

Network Identity Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of user identities and their associated credentials with account management across your suite of applications and devices, including Active Directory. Identity management provides identity synchronization, certificate and password management, and user provisioning in a single solution that works across Microsoft Windows and other organizational systems. ZLan can reduce the cost to your organization through deployment and integration of Microsoft’s Identity solutions and complete integration with directory services, email and your HR systems.


Focus on Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. Transitions, migrations and all collaboration options within Microsoft Office 365, such as Skype for Business.

Network and Device Threat Protection

A line of comprehensive security products that provide unified virus and spyware protection, simplified administration, and critical visibility and control. ZLan delivers security and vulnerability management using standards, best practices and industry leading tools.

Networking Monitoring and Management

A set of management tools that can help capture and aggregate knowledge about your infrastructure, policies, processes and best practices to help build manageable systems and automate operations to reduce costs, improve application availability and enhance service delivery. ZLan can implement network monitoring and management solutions such as our ZVision Sonar, our RMM agent, ZVision Cloud Managed Services and various other options. We can overhaul your organization and deliver such services to help streamline incident management, deployment services and operational administration, saving you time and money.