Spear Phishing Attacks with Compromised PowerPoint Slides

This week, bad guys are capitalizing on a Microsoft vulnerability and using spear-phishing emails that contain infected PowerPoint attachments to gain access and control of your computer.

These attackers figured out how to code the malware in the PowerPoint slide decks so the attachments can bypass any antivirus detection that you may have in place. If the infected document is downloaded, the bad guys can log your keystrokes, see your screen, record from your microphone and webcam, and download and install programs onto your computer.

As a general safety rule, always be cautious of unexpected attachments. If you get an email with a PowerPoint attachment, be just as careful as always and do not open it unless you have asked for it, or have verified with the sender that the attachment is legitimate.

Also, be sure to stay up to date on updates for your computer’s Operating System and installed applications. Microsoft has released a patch for this vulnerability and your system must be up to date in order to be protected from this attack.

Always remember: “When in doubt, throw it out!”

Our User Security Awareness Training will help manage the problem with social engineering.

Think Before You Click! Let’s stay safe out there.

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