Boost productivity while protecting your data with a professional-grade file sync and share service.

Employees today demand mobility and flexibility. If IT doesn’t deliver, they just bring in their own tools. Employees are using their personal mobile devices and free or low cost consumer grade collaboration apps for accessing work files. While boosting their productivity, employees have also unintentionally introduced risk into the workplace. These consumer grade solutions typically lack the rigid security requirements that businesses demand. In order to regain control and maintain a secure environment, businesses are beginning to standardize and develop use policies around data access.

Protect your data with ZVision Sync.

Ensure data protection with business-grade security features

  • 256-bit AES Data Encryption
  • Remote wipe from devices
  • True Data Privacy isolates business files

Ensure fast employee adoption and client satisfaction with easy-to-use app

  • Intuitive and elegant design requires little to no training
  • Impressive file rendering across multiple devices
  • Easy to use file and folders with convenient full text search

Ensure simple, secure team collaboration

  • File locks, change tracking and notification, and commenting
  • Permission-based shared folders with full access, modify or read-only options
  • Control externally shared links through password protection and link expiration dates
  • Unlimited file extension support and file versioning

Built for business with advanced administration control and permissions

  • Audit trails about users, devices, and files for compliance and security purposes

Security and Architecture

ZVision Sync takes a holistic approach towards security, incorporating a variety of structures and mechanisms at various layers with the ZVision Sync service architecture.

Security upload and store files

User A creates a new Project and uploads the whiteboard photo to the Sync service from the passcode-locked Sync app on her mobile device during the meeting. The photo is transferred via SSL and encrypted using AES 256. Security of stored Sync data is ensured by ZVision Sync’s use of multiple Data Centers and dual-level data redundancy.

Control access

User A accesses the Project later from her desktop computer and shares the Project with other Sync Users on her team, defining individual access rights and permissions on a per-User basis.

Control redistribution

Sync Users who receive the Project can be restricted from re-distributing the Project and the Files it contains, allowing modular control of sensitive information that can be tailored to fit an individual User’s role within an organization. Sync Users can, if their permissions allow, re-distribute shared content through Public links, enabling password protection and disabling content downloads as desired.

Defeat a security issue, if one occurs

In a situation where a company data security policy breach occurs, a Sync Project owner (or any Sync User with Full Access permissions to the Project) can easily delete a Project or File that has become compromised. Because Projects and Files can only be distributed via URI-based links, deleting a Project or File from your Sync environment immediately removes it from a link distribution point and eliminates the security issue.